Escape: prose


Staff Writer

(Chuck Todd/The Contra Costa Times/MCT)
There is a place on a cloud where the dreamers go. It is far, far away from all of their troubles, high above in a place they cannot be reached. Some may call them crazy, some may call them foolish, but disapproval doesn’t exist on the cloud. The cloud is where they escape reality, imagine their happiest fantasies, chase after their wildest dreams, and fight their worst nightmares. They feel no fear, they feel no sadness; rather, they only feel happiness. Happiness and hope. When reality is too overwhelming and expectations are too high, the dreamers have a place to go. Even if it is just for a little while, even if it doesn’t really exist, sometimes anywhere is better than reality. The cloud is where they can be free. They let their imagination run wild, let their creativity escape them, and they don’t hold back. Every vision, every far-fetched illusion hidden in the back of their minds is released. They pour everything they have into their daydreams; they pour their desires and passions, pour every wish and every thought. They search for love, hide from demons, solve mysteries, and go on adventures. Best of all, they never feel alone on the cloud. There are always other dreamers, other stories waiting to be told.