All Yours, Love: a poem


Staff Writer

Illustrated by Ruaa Labanieh

My tongue is not for you to hold, putting an abrupt stop

to my accusations.

My eyes were not made for you to reach in, clawing out happiness

My nose is not for you to pinch, denying the smell of rain and autumn

My cheeks are not a path for the tears you elicit, saying she means nothing

My eyebrows are not for you to raise, after stuttering excuses

My ears are not for you to stick your finger in, blocking out my favorite sounds,

My freckles are not for you to count before you sneak out

My hair is not for you to bury your face, exhausted,

My lips are not for you to bruise with your unloving lip-locks,

covered with lies you plotted on your way back from her.

breathing fake words of love with a hint of spearmint.

My mouth was not made to be covered

with your forever silencing palm.

with your own clever claims.

My chin is not for you to grip and turn to face

hard features and angry frown lines.

after hours of waiting for you.

when I find you wrapped up in her.

that she needed a friend.

your laugh, my laugh, her cries.

while I pretend to be asleep.

after a tiring night with her.

My eyelashes are not for you to brush against, feeling them against your face

My body is not yours.

My mind is not yours.

My life is not yours to








to fit.

I am not yours.