The Bubble: a poem

The Bubble: a poem

Staff Writer

(Doug Griswold/Bay Area News/MCT)

We are born and raised within the confines of Jello walls.
Our protruding limbs graze the recesses,
of these walls,
only to bounce us back into oblivion.

We are trapped.

We are born and raised surrounded by numbers that
hold the keys to our fate.
They dictate who we are,
and who we will become.

We are born and raised out of desperation.
Each one of us falls victim to our own starvation,
as we hunger for a way out
without realizing we are emptying ourselves in the process.

We are born and raised with only one way out.
We compete in a rabid dogfight,
a dogfight of wits, manipulation
and rote memorization,
until only the select few
emerge from the remains.