Life and Death: a poem

(Neil Nakahodo/The Kansas City Star/TNS)

Staff Writer

Winter is complex. Perhaps, it is the most complex of all seasons. I have always looked forward to the winter; I have always associated it with a time of celebration and vibrancy. In fact, it has always been my favorite time of the year. Yet, it is only now that I have begun thinking about it with more depth and consideration.

Winter is death. Even though it does not extremely affect my own surroundings, it can take a heavy toll on other parts of the world. It can destroy an environment and deplete resources within communities. I have only experienced the lighter side of winter, with its festive decorations and scenery. Winter is supposed to be cold, stale, and dead. Yet, I have never identified the festive season based upon these characteristics. How can it be natural for me to prefer this time over other seasons of life and brightness?

Maybe, winter is more than a season; it is a concept, a state of mind as are happiness and sadness. It can be perceived differently by different individuals, for they all have their own unique experiences and environments. Winter can be death for some and life for others.