College: a poem


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Illustrated by Vicki Chen.

Staff Writer
Their names are everywhere-
they come tumbling out of our parents’
mouths every chance they get.
They infiltrate our email feeds-
they rule every little moment of our lives
and pop up in even casual conversations.
They lead to piles of stress
and impact all of our decisions.
They throw us into the deepest slumps
yet have the power to get us back out
with the prospect of a simple “yes.”
Our dreams, aspirations, our entire high school lives
revolve around one decision
we can’t stop talking about.
They are the only little lights that
keep our motivation going.
Yet, they always seem to hold us back
from being carefree,
from making rash decisions and important mistakes,
from doing things essential to growing.
Controlled by such an overpowering tyranny,
we wait and wait and prepare and prepare,
Constantly anticipating the moment when we must
finally show what we are made of
and send out our college applications.