Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Neha Bhardwhaj, Section Editor


  • The Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, is a national organization designed to help high school students prepare for careers in business. Students participate in competitive events spanning a wide gamut of fields, topics, and structures, either individually or in a team. In addition to the academic competitions, FBLA conferences can also offer workshops on business careers, leadership development, and more. 
  • Uni’s FBLA club does not simply limit itself to the national FBLA competition. We also compete in numerous additional competitions related to business and economics. 


  • FBLA teaches you core life skills. In almost every profession, you need to have business knowledge, and the beauty of FBLA is that you can choose which aspects of business you want to learn about–be it writing, researching, public speaking, coding, networking, or just about anything else. FBLA can prepare you for any career you are interested in–and it can open your eyes to new, unexplored passions. 
  • FBLA is genuinely one of the most diverse clubs on campus. There is truly something for everyone. Whether you are passionate about computer science, journalism, sports and entertainment, video production, or something entirely different, there is a competitive event for you. You have the flexibility to decide whether you want to compete individually or in a group. You can decide whether you take a multiple choice test, create a virtual project, perform live, etc. Even if you are not particularly interested in academic competitions, FBLA also gives you a platform for community service and fundraising. 
  • Unlike many other academic clubs, you can be incredibly successful in FBLA without any prior experience or knowledge. As long as you are willing to put in the work, you can win awards and progress through the levels of competition. 
  • Finally, FBLA is a great way to meet new people. Not only can you make countless new friends within Uni, but you can also form connections with peers and mentors from across the nation. 


  • FBLA is an open club, so you can join at basically any point in the year without any sort of tryout. (That being said, it is better to join at the beginning of the year, as that is when most competitions allow you to sign up.) We will open an email list at the beginning of the school year and keep it open for anyone who wants to join. We have an Instagram (@uni.fbla) and a website (https://uhsfbla.weebly.com/).