Alumni Interview: Jocelyn Wong (Class of 2011)

Jocelyn Wong (2011), attends Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She is currently studying abroad in London, England and pursuing a career in art advising.
Sword & Shield: What have you decided to major in, and why did you pick this particular major?
Jocelyn Wong:  I am majoring in art history. MJocelyn Wong (2011)rs. Raitt exposed me to the beauty of aesthetic critique. During that year of AP Art History, I discovered how art history enabled me to comprehend a multitude of cultures through the products of their creative expression.
S&S: What career do you hope to pursue in the future?
JW: I aim to combine my passion for art and communication through a career in art advising within wealth management or the art auction house.
S&S: Do you feel your experience at UHS prepared you well enough for college?
 JW: Uni prepared me better than any other public high school could have—I am certain. I already knew how to take God-speed rapid notes (thank you, Mr. Kessler), and already knew that the phrase “too much assigned reading” is nonexistent (thank you, Mr. Knight). Yet at my particular institution, Wellesley College, I find that I would have struggled within the horrid system of grade deflation if it were not for a genuine self interest in the learning process.
S&S: What do you miss most about UHS?
JW: I could not possibly single out one particular thing I miss most about Uni. I miss it all: everything from the fervor of the pep rallies to 15 girls dolling up before Winter Formal in one bathroom to chats with Mr. Shulman that were totally not academically related to anxiety-filled AP night review sessions to those torturous hill workouts with cross country to my culinary arts ROP to all-nighters with council trying to get those dang murals finished!
S&S: Do you have any advice for seniors bound for college?
JW: I have a single message so take heed. Extract as much as you can from your college experience. I know, I know, cliche, but hear me out. Your campus will be swarming with opportunities; intramural sports, study abroad, research positions, faculty lectures, concerts, Habanero pepper eating contests! Look at my response to the things I miss most about Uni. You will want your response to be similarly enthusiastic when asked about your college years. Do not be a passive bystander and clock in your time in the classroom, then trudge to the library, then scamper off to a frat party or two. Seize your life and direct it! Immerse yourself into your studies and take pleasure in being surrounded by brilliant minds. Explore foreign territory and expand your involvements—you may discover a new interest! And establish meaningful relationships with both classmates and faculty that will enrich countless facets of life.
Written by REEMA BZEIH
Staff Writer