Car accident near UHS causes death of pedestrian

On September 30, 78-year old Jorge Altisent was hit by an SUV while crossing Campus Drive near University High School. The accident took place around 4:30 pm. He was later reported dead due to his injuries.

    Altisent ran across the crosswalk on Campus Drive that does not have a stoplight. Witnesses claimed that the impact of the vehicle threw Altisent several feet away. Paramedics rushed to the scene, and Altisent was transported to the University of California Irvine (UCI) Medical Center. The driver stayed behind at the accident scene. No arrests or citations were reported.

   This tragic event has prompted the students and staff of UHS to think about public safety.  “There are lots of laws and city planning designed to keep us safe, but I think for a large part, we are in charge of our own safety. It is up to us to make good decisions and deal with the consequences of our actions,” said Tara Terpening (Sr.).

Written by Reema Bzeih
Staff Writer