UHS French Club selling “Pray for Paris” T-shirts and baked goods to fundraise for Paris attacks

UHS French Club selling Pray for Paris T-shirts and baked goods to fundraise for Paris attacks

The Pray for Paris T-shirt design (Courtesy of UHS French Club)

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The UHS French Club is selling “Pray for Paris” T-shirts and baked goods to raise money for victims of the Paris attacks. Online T-shirt pre-orders are at http://goo.gl/forms/2jLpQm4uok. There will be a pre-sale for T-shirts during lunch at the Crossroads and a bake sale after school on December 4. 
All proceeds will be sent to the French Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross.
Each shirt will cost $10. After subtracting the $8 printing cost, the remaining proceeds will be sent to charity. French Club will collect money from online orders on Monday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 8. French desserts such as macarons, croissants and cupcakes will be sold at the bake sale.
130 people died and 368 were injured in the Paris attacks on November 13.
“I want to support [victims] in any way possible,” said Gelina Linsangan (So.). “Even if it means doing something as small as buying a T-shirt.”
18 people already have pre-ordered shirts; French Club’s goal is to sell at least 60 shirts.
Since France needs blood to provide medical aid to the victims, French Club also encourages students to donate blood at the annual blood drive on Tuesday, December 8.
French Club will not be distributing shirts immediately upon purchase. The French Club members will personally deliver the pre-ordered shirts at a later date during 4th period.
Following the Paris attacks, Facebook provided French flag filters for profile pictures. However, some believe that having a filter is not enough. “Adding a filter to your Facebook photo certainly shows that you stand in solidarity with France,” said French Club President Cathy Sun (So.). “But it is nothing but a superficial gesture if nothing else is done.”
Her fellow board members shared similar sentiments. “This isn’t supposed to be about you,” said French Club Events Coordinator Raina Zhao (So.). “This is supposed to be about the victims who desperately need blood and financial aid.”
 The UHS French Club intends to give everyone at UHS an opportunity to take action.
UPDATEThe French Club raised $200 for the Paris Attacks selling 30 T-shirts and almost 100 pastries. The T-shirt arrival has been delayed and is expected to be delivered to students on Thursday, December 17th during 4th period.