Coach McCaffrey hired at nearby Corona Del Mar High School


Coach McCaffrey rallies Uni football players after their game. (2014 file photo)

Staff Writer
Mr. Kevin McCaffrey has left University High School (UHS) after 11 years on staff to coach baseball and teach Physical Education at nearby Corona Del Mar High School (CDM).
During his previous years at UHS, McCaffrey was the head of the Athletics Department as well as the baseball coach, football coach and tennis coach.
“He was a friend and a colleague for 11 years… we had an excellent relationship and when he left, I was happy for him… sad for me and sad for the school,” Mr. Mike Gerakos (Athletics Dept.) said.
Apart from his coaching, he made a huge contribution to the Associated Student Body (ASB). McCaffrey initially introduced the idea of the Trojan Army by making Army shirts, hosting spirit rallies and promoting the Game of the Week (GOW).
“He was the Commander-in-Chief of the Trojan Army basically, he was incredibly determined and had a vision for what UHS could accomplish as a student section with spirit,” ASB Boys’ Sports Commissioner Neah Lekan (Sr.) said.
After McCaffrey’s sudden departure, ASB had to take on a majority of the Trojan Army responsibility. ASB Girls’ Sports Commissioner Ashley Chandler (Sr.) and Lekan are now responsible for managing on-field spirit, while ASB Spirit and Rally Commissioner Douglas Sun (Jr.) is responsible for rallying cheers at football games.
In addition, they are now in charge of managing the Trojan point system, controlling the LED scoreboard and blowing up inflatables for football games.
“We’re still in the process of taking over those responsibilities, but we’re getting the hang of it,” ASB Vice President Kevin Yahampath (Sr.) said.
“We wish him the best of luck doing the same thing and being successful at CDM,” Lekan said.
Due to McCaffrey’s departure, ASB is also limiting the Trojan point system to only sports events, in contrast to last year, where Visual and Performing Arts events were worth points as well.
“One of the reasons why the point system didn’t work last year, was that it was too broad,” Lekan said.
ASB will soon release a schedule of games that students can earn Trojan points for attending.