Counselor Ms. Christine Kreuger replaces former counselor


Counselor Ms. Christine Kreuger is the newest counselor to be added to the Counseling Department. She will be responsible for assisting students with last names Gun to La. (S. Ki)

Staff Writer
Counselor Ms. Christine Krueger has replaced Ms. Esther Rogers as a school counselor as of November 20, and is now in charge of students with surnames Gun — La.
Krueger has assumed the duties Rogers left behind after her recent departure. These include meeting with seniors, helping with college applications, writing letters of recommendation, conducting Sophomore Conferences and meeting with students.
“My goal for this year is to continue learning about all the fantastic things Uni has to offer and meeting my students to get to know them all and support them the best I can,” Krueger said.
In the two weeks between Rogers’ departure and Krueger’s arrival, Principal Dr. Kevin Astor, Assistant Principal Mr. Kris Kough, Assistant Principal Mr. Matthew Pate and Assistant Principal Mrs. Connie Park were in charge of assisting her assigned students.
However, some seniors do not believe that their needs are being appropriately satisfied by the Counseling Department. Some are worried what impact Rogers’ sudden departure could have as they prepare to finish their college applications and submit recommendation letters.
“I feel like [Kreuger’s late arrival] would push back people’s counselor recommendations which will be hard for people with deadlines,”  Senior Ikram Hassan said. “I have a deadline in December that I need to meet and I don’t know how that will factor into it…I just don’t feel like [the Counseling Department is] stable.”
For seniors who are concerned about Rogers’ sudden departure amidst application season, Krueger has been in contact with Rogers to ensure a smooth transition.
“[Rogers and I] are working together along with the rest of the counseling staff to ensure students are fully supported in all their college application needs,” Krueger said.
Before coming to UHS, Krueger worked at Edison High School as the Regional Occupation Program (ROP) Career Specialist.
“I’m looking forward to making new friends among my co-workers, getting to know my students and assisting students in making plans for the future that excite them,” Krueger said.