DHH Academic Bowl team wins regional competition

The University High School’s (UHS) Deaf Academic Bowl won the Regional Academic Bowl competition in February. Since the the team’s win, there has been general excitement in the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) program of UHS. Mr. Jon Levy (Admin.) said he was very proud of the team’s accomplishment. “I think the focus on academics is crucial.
The Academic Bowl gives credence to hard work and the emphasis of academics.” “This competition puts a focus on those students who are serious about academics and do well in their classwork”. “I want them to have fun, meet other deaf students across the nation, have pride in our school, and to represent University High School with character and integrity.” The team is comprised of: Nicholas Rudar (Jr.), Alyssa Poston (Jr.), Nathan Olson (Sr.) and Nora Vogt (So.). These four students worked hard for a spot on the competing team as they went through a lengthy selection process. The team trained on a weekly basis in various academic subjects in preparation for the competition.
According to Olson, “We did and are still doing practice matches… [We] gained experience through the official matches that were coordinated before the regionals.” All of this was done with the DHH coach, Mr. Kay Anderson, who has helped the DHH team mount various victories in past years. University High’s DHH team has been a part of the top ten of the nation for the past ten years. Olson, reflecting on when he heard the announcement that they were heading to the finals, said, “It felt great to know that we’re going to nationals, even though the team is relatively new”. The team was very ecstatic about the victory and will continue to train for future victories. The team is now preparing to compete at the national competition to take place at Washington D.C.
Staff Writer