February Comedy Sportz Match: Comedy Sportz vs. ASB


Staff Writer
The theater was packed on February 27 for the first ever match between the UHS Comedy Sportz team and the school’s Associated Student Body (ASB). Comedy Sportz is a team based competitive improvisation in which two teams try to outdo their opponent and make the audience laugh. The games are interactive as the referee takes audience suggestions.
The first half began with the ASB side represented by Captain Noah Obstfeld (Jr.), Margaret Bilder (Sr.), Erik Mumm (Jr.) and Michael Wu (Fr.). On the Comedy Sportz team were Dylan Cecot (Jr.), Corinne Alsop (So.), Riley Duncan (Jr.) and Brandon Kaufman (So.). Bilder, who was on the ASB team, said that it was “awesome getting to represent ASB in a different way than usual” and “really fun to show off the different talents of ASB.”
In one part of the first half, ASB played “Spelling Bee” in which the players had each say one letter at a time, to spell out a word chosen by the audience. After, they would have to use the word in a sentence. The words started off easy, but soon grew harder as the players struggled with the last word “phospholuminescence.” The judge, Mr. Voice, played by Ryan Nicholson (Sr.), did not appear on stage but decided the winning team by judging which team the audience applauded louder for. By the end of the first half, ASB was leading by two points. Obstfeld said, “At first I was nervous about the match and whether ASB would be able to be successful. ASB blew me and the audience out of the water.”
When the second half started, ASB team consisted of Andrew Nguyen (So.), Timothy Kwan (Sr.), Shadi Roueenfar (Sr.) and Captain Gopal Vashistha (Sr.). Yamini Nambimadom (Jr.), Eli Tita (Jr.), Josie Bachman (So.) and Captain Austin Barber (Jr.) played for the Comedy Sportz side. One of the most memorable parts of second half was when the Comedy Sportz team played “Double Blind.” The players linked arms and faced backward as one member from each team acted out a scene. As soon as the referee told them to stop, the two players held their position and waited for a member from their team to take their place in that position and start a new scene. Comedy Sportz team player Bachman said, “This match was really great because we had no idea how easily ASB was going to catch on to improv, but as soon as we started practicing they got it. It was amazing because they were all extremely good.” By the end of the match, the score was 27-21 for the Comedy Sportz team.
With the very enthusiastic audience and packed theater, the first ever match between Comedy Sportz and ASB looked like a success. Elika Souresrafil (Jr.) said, “It was my first experience and they definitely blew me out of my seat. Both Comedy Sportz and ASB were really funny.” The players agreed. Tita, who played for the Comedy Sportz side, said “I hope the tradition will stand for many generations because it was so fun. ASB did so well, and it was a truly memorable experience.”